Simpson Research Company Inc., manufacturing, sales and consulting services for high performance positioning systems, offering voice coil motors, actuators, fiber alighment systems, control systems, and voice coil controller boards.
Simpson Research Co. was founded in 1972 to design and manufacture ultra low noise amplifiers for long wavelength IR spectroscopy applications. Since then we have designed specialized electronic, electro-optic, electro-mechanic components for the fiber optic and semiconductor capital equipment industries. Some of these designs include... 
  • Cryogenic temperature controller for far IR     lasers. 
  • Diode laser I-p,I-v tester 
  • Pulsed I-p, I-v laser chip tester 
  • TE cooler controller 
  • Wavelength locker for mems based tunable diode laser 
  • Large area 6 DOF stage system for flat panel display manufacture 
  • High efficiency hybrid linear stepper motors and drives (1 and 3 axis) for large motion range applications. 
Simpson Research designed fiber aligners are currently being used for pigtailing fiberoptic pump lasers and DFB lasers.