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MPA6 Micropositioner

The mpa6 is a 6 degree of freedom micropositioner. It provides a positioning range of 2.5 mm in each of the 6 axes, with bandwidth typically 100-300 Hz in each axis. Each axis provides closed loop control with force feedback.

The system is designed to actively align single fibers or fiber arrays. It will search for a signal on one or two fibers using programmable search algorithms. When the signal(s) is found the controller will switch modes and then use a gradient search algorithm to peak the signal(s). Automatic alignment in 5 of the six degrees of freedom is possible. Local control is designed to actively align a single fiber or fiber array. The system may also be controlled using a joystick, when active alignment is not required.

Although the system is designed for fiber alignment it can be configured to position any low mass component to sub micron accuracy. (for instance alignment of ccd arrays to each other or lcd projector panels to each other). The system communicates with a PC using the parallel port; however, after configuration, it can operate autonomously using local control inputs.

MP6A Aligner Mechanics


number of axes: 6 using 6 independent actuators
range of motion: 2.5 mm typical at actuator
bandwidth:  200 Hz small signal
max force: 6 Nt typical
resolution: <0.1 uM
noise:  <0.1 uM rms (100 Hz BW) typical
configuration: x,y1,y2,z1,z2,z3
y1,y2 axes produce y and rotation about z axis
z1,z2 axes produce rotation about y axis
z2,z3 axes produce rotation about x axis
size:7 x 7 x 5.5 inches
alignment time: Search and align 3 sec or less (single fiber) to laser or fiber